About us

We have been hosting websites, emails and providing services for our customers since 2006. We help our customers with everything from running a blog to powering ecommerce solutions. We know that your website and online presence is important to you and whatever the size or scale or your online requirement we have the right hosting options for you. We can provide everything from a hosting package for a single page website to scaleable multicore dedicated servers.

At Ware Welch Web Hosting we are committed to giving you the best quality web hosting available for the lowest prices around. We regularly check our competitors to ensure we are offering the best value and excellent quality hosting.


To ensure reliability we have fully redundant systems that store multiple copies of your data to ensure your site remain online. With our 99.9% uptime record showing that our systems are rated some of the safest in the world. We also offer you full backup solutions to allow you to store a copy of your data safely on your own storage device.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer support. You can contact us 24/7 via our support ticket system and unlike many other companies we will reply to your ticket quickly. Wherever possible we aim to keep the same suport technician on your problem. We believe that this provides you with a friendly and easy to use service and a faster solution.

Domain Names

When it comes to buying or renewing a domain name we believe we have the best options. All .co.uk, .me.uk and .org.uk, are completely FREE when used in conjunction with some of our hosting packages. You do not pay for the domain initially and when the domain is due for renewal, we will pay the renewal for you as well. We also offer a wide range of domain names and continue to add new domain extensions as they become available.


Bandwith, or data transfer is the amount of information which can be uploaded or downloaded to your website in a month. Every time somebody views your website, it uses up some of your bandwidth allowance. If you run out of bandwidth people will no longer be able to view your website. At Ware Welch Web Hosting, we give you unlimited bandwidth with all of our packages to ensure that your website stays up and running all day every day.

Web Space

Web space is the amount of room you get on the server for all the files and folders which go to make up your website. With the advent of broadband, and modern day graphics, photos, and animations etc. it is important to have enough room for all of your files.
At Ware Welch Web Hosting, our webspace ranges from 1GB upto an unlimited amount of webspace on our top package to ensure that you can build the website you want, without having to compromise due to lack of space.


We continue to listen to our customers needs and encourage our customers to provide us with feed back on our services and products. We believe this allows us to continue to offer the best hosting platforms and ensures we continue to bring innovative solutiuons to our customers needs.